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ACD is not tied to one financial institution, but has relationships with multiple capital sources allowing us to finance and develop a myriad of different size and types of projects.


Over four dozen schools financed and constructed with over a dozen more under development.

Team Work

ACD understands that charter school development requires all parties working in a collaborative manner towards a better educational future for our children. We understand that if the school is not successful than we are not success, and if we are not successful the school is not successful. Charter school development is truly the essence of a partnership.


Our objective is to provide our clients with the quality school they want, when they want it, at a price they can afford. We do this by obtaining the necessary Charter school financing…More


ACD is a charter school developer that seeks to facilitate the development of modern, efficient, and functional charter school facilities across the nation on behalf of individual charter schools…More


Quick Facts

According to The Center For Education Reform, there are more than 5,700 charter schools serving more than 1.9 million children across the country (December 2011)…More

Over Four Dozen Charter Schools Developed


In order for charter schools to truly become, “Incubators of Innovation” as they were envisioned to be, these schools require their founders and developers to be equally as innovative. This is where American Charter Development leads the field. Our founder and CEO, Mike Morley, became a charter school financing visionary in his state as he served in the House of Representatives. While serving, Mike noticed many of the same techniques used to provide facilities for governmental agencies, such as government leasebacks, could be employed in the charter school sector to achieve the same outcomes. Since that time, the charter school market has continued to evolve and adapt to improve the education of our children, and though the principles are the same, we too continue to modify our financial resources to provide capital that will be the most beneficial for the school.

What our clients are saying…

American Charter Development has done a tremendous job for us. Thank you so much.

ACD was able to do what other development companies said couldn’t be done. Although we were on an accelerated timeline, your team met every deadline.

We love the design of our campus and more importantly ALL of our students and their families love the design of our school. The design functions perfectly for our academic classes, and a wide variety of athletic activities.

The attractiveness of our campus has been a huge reason that we are at full enrollment and have been able to fill the school to capacity our first year of operation. Full enrollment gives us the financial stability that we need to build our programs.

-Carolyn Sawyer MA, Principal – Champion Schools


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