ALA Anthem

The mission of ALA Anthem is to encourage students to achieve academic excellence, to demonstrate moral character and to fulfill civic responsibilities through mastery of basic skills, a liberal arts curriculum, service, and daily implementation of the Covey 7 Habits.  ALA develops leaders through education and service.

The ALA Philosophy –

Education is a partnership:  ALA believes that educating children is the responsibility of parents.  Their job is to work together with parents to help them fulfill this sacred opportunity.  As such, ALA works with and welcomes parents into the school to participate with teachers and staff as they provide the lessons necessary to transmit knowledge and build character.  ALA requires each family to volunteer a minimum of 40 hours each year at the school to ensure that the parent remains connected with their child and the learning process.  The results in a collaborative learning process in which the child feels supported and encouraged and parents are empowered to fulfill their responsibility to their children.

Every child is a leader:  As a Stephen R. Covey “Leader in Me” school, ALA believes that every child has leadership potential and that with the proper coaching and practice, the children that go through the school will rise to fill the leadership roles of tomorrow.  As a part of learning leadership, students at ALA learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and apply them in their lives.  Children learn to take responsibility for their choices and become accountable for the results.  They plan ahead and begin with the end in mind.  Students learn how to take other people’s perspectives and create synergy with peers, while learning how to live a balanced life by “sharpening the saw”.

There is no substitute for hard work:  Obtaining knowledge is not a passive endeavor. Students must have a desire to learn before true learning can occur. For ALA’s part, they provide master teachers that encourage and entice students to learn. In the end, however, we cannot force knowledge into student’s heads – they must take it in.

Patriotism:  The name AMERICAN Leadership Academy was chosen for a reason, and that is because they live in and love the greatest country in the world. ALA desires that all students develop and understanding and appreciation the wonderful nation in which they live. Part of the curriculum is an in-depth study of our nation’s founding documents, the men who wrote them, and the great philosophers from whom the founding fathers derived the principles enshrined in our founding documents.

ALA Anthem has a projected student enrollment of 400 in year 1, which grows to 500 over the first 4 years of operation.  Grades served are Kindergarten through 6th grade.  ALA Anthem received site approval from their authorizer, the Arizona State Charter School Board.  ALA currently operates 5 campuses in the greater Phoenix area.  ALA Anthem will be their 6thcampus under a 20 year charter contract, which was renewed in 2012.  All financial audits are exemplary, with all existing campuses current on their obligations and operating at full enrollment.

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