Bradford Prep

Bradford Preparatory School is committed to ensuring academic excellence, nurturing personal relationships, and inspiring a growing passion for creativity and learning in all of our students. While encouraging our students to take personal responsibility for their future, we will support their development of life skills and encourage them to become compassionate and productive citizens.

As a college preparatory school, Bradford Preparatory School (BPS) will target a diverse population of students who wish to be academically challenged and prepared for a lifetime of responsible citizenship demonstrating integrity, ethical behavior, and service to the community. Bradford Preparatory School plans to locate its facilities in southwest Cabarrus County, easily allowing students from both Mecklenburg County and Cabarrus County to attend the school. The schools in this area are overpopulated (see Appendix A for specific statistics) and struggle to offer students the academic opportunities that many families in this area desire for their children. A survey of the six closest elementary schools, the three closest middle schools and the four local high schools reveals a collective student population that is 49% white, 35% African American, 9.7% Hispanic, 4.3% Asian and 2% students of other racial backgrounds. Additionally, this area has an average of 33% of students that are considered economically disadvantaged. We plan to provide this racially and economically diverse community with an education of the highest quality that is within the reach of all families that share a desire for academic excellence. Please see Appendix A for additional information on the educational need and target population.

BPS will use innovative methods to provide a quality education in a smaller, more responsive learning environment. BPS will challenge students to develop the critical thinking skills, creativity and communication skills required for success in college and the workplace in a way that is not currently being utilized in our local schools. Our school community – including students, teachers, administrators, parents and other community members – will all work together to support the students in a way that invites learning to become a lifelong endeavor.

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