CAFA is dedicated to improving the lives of its students and preparing them to reach their potential in all subject areas.  The CAFA performing arts program was designed for students, who love the Fine Arts, to be productive citizens in the community.  Courses in Musical Theater and Drama have opened the door for their students to have opportunities to perform in local productions in the East Valley.  Research has shown that students who receive an arts-integrated curriculum academically out-perform students who do not receive an arts-integrated curriculum.  Combining the Arts with core classes produces students with a creative and higher order of thinking in all areas.

CAFA sets high standards in order to prepare their students to become lifelong learners who lead productive and successful lives.  To this end, their Mission is devoted to scholarly learning inspiring performing arts that embrace their entire community.  They strive to take students to the highest level of personal academic achievement and fine arts accomplishment by basing their instructional system on research, standards, and best practices in both areas.  Through curriculum and methods of delivery in academic content areas, they will impart the academic skills that will be required of their students for success in life.  Through their curriculum in fine arts they will impart self-esteem, self discipline, cooperation, self-motivation, and social skills necessary for success in life.

Curriculum for all grade level core classes and electives at CAFA has been compiled using the Arizona Department of Education Academic Standards and Federal Common Core Standards and are thoroughly mapped.  This allows for seamless transition from grade to grade and provides focus and consistency for teachers, students, and parents.

All students are unique individuals with who have the capacity to learn and succeed.  CAFA operates with the mindset that the faculty and staff are integral elements to the students’ success, and a culture of respect for a diverse community is fostered.  CAFA strives, through an honest and respectful approach, to develop student’s positive self-image and integrity.

CAFA’s currently runs two A rated campuses and one B campus according to the Arizona Department of Education (the fourth campus has yet to receive a report card).

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