We believe that the discipline gained in sports activities supports academic performance and is transformative in young people. It is the vision of Champion Schools to establish the premier learning environment that will develop students’ mental, bodily, and emotional intelligences. Our schools are designed to utilize the discipline gained in sports activities and the motivation gained through parental involvement and psychological support to augment the pursuit of academic excellence.

Champion Schools implements a rigorous, content rich curriculum. Champion’s vision is to build powerful learning communities for ALL students, regardless of their educational backgrounds. Champion’s learning environment includes many opportunities to work collaboratively. They use project based learning and utilize the community as a laboratory for students to have hands-on experiences. These types of learning activities activate the imagination, stimulate critical thinking and develop problem-solving skills. Champion believes in every student’s natural desire to learn and wants to bring ALL of their students into the educational mainstream by the end of elementary school.

Champion began their school with the guidance of Stanford University’s Accelerated Schools Project created by Dr. Henry Levin. The idea that school communities can dramatically improve the success of students in at-risk situations by building powerful learning environments is at the heart of the academic program. Champion’s approach combines relevant curriculum, with a focus on both mind and body to produce a creative school organization to accelerate the progress of ALL students. Students experience diverse instructional techniques and a variety of instructional staff in multiple subject areas.

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