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Summit Academy – Draper

Summit Academy provides a rigorous academic experience designed to prepare students to excel in a competitive collegiate environment. The school recognizes that not all students will attend or seek a university education; however, the school maintains that participation in a rigorous academic program will provide preparation for any career students pursue. To this end the school is committed to:

  • ¬†Providing a rigorous college preparatory education tailored to meet individual student needs.
  • Maintaining a student-directed college roadmap with individual mentoring.
  • Maintaining programs and activities that provide a wide-range of athletic, leadership, academic, and social opportunities for every student.
  • A community that encourages parents to take an active role in setting educational goals and maintaining high expectations for their children.
  • Immersing students in technology and 21st century career exploration through curriculum, assessment, student-tracking, and career exploration.

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